Gurtech Foot Operated Grease Gun

Grease Canister

Holds 282 oz / 8 Kg grease
Spend time greasing, not refilling

Ergonomic Carry Handle

Folds away for easy refilling

Foot Operated Treadle

  • No more exhausted hands and arms
  • Ergonomic operation

Patented Pressure Return Valve
Simply lift the foot treadle to return residual pressure back to the canister

  • saves grease
  • eliminates dribble and mess
  • extends grease coupler life
  • extends Zerk Nipple life

Rubber Foot Mounts
Ensures grease gun remains stable while pumping

  • Patented Lock On Grease Coupler
  • Ensures delivery into the joint & bearings, NOT around the Zerk
  • Easy lock-on mechanism allows hands-free operation
  • Easy clip-off, regardless of line pressure build up. Combined with the Pressure Return Valve, you enjoy a near waste free greasing system


Description Specifications
Max Delivery Pressure 10,000 psi (690 Bar)
Delivery Rate 0.09 oz (2.7 ml) per stroke
Grease Compatibility NLGI consistency numbers 0, 1 and 2
Cannister Capacity 282 oz (8 kg)
Delivery Hose 6.5 ft (2 m) x ¼” (6.35 mm) 2 wire braided hose
Hose Thread 1/8” NPT (male)
Dimensions L 18½” x W 10¼” x H 16½” (L 470 mm x W 260 mm x H 420 mm)
Weight Dry weight 352 oz (10 Kg)
Pump Activation Foot operated
Pump Mechanism 2 stage self-priming with pressure return valve
Grease Coupler Heavy-duty, high pressure. Max working pressure 10,000 psi
(690 Bar). Trigger activated lock-on patented coupler
Patents US9097385 (others on application)


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